Bookings System design With ASP.NET

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Example of project - A set of functional requirement was implemented for the online seat reservation system l using both drag, drop and image click to implement ticket purchase.

Bookings system

There are three categories for the bookings membership: Ordinary – users who register by purchasing tickets Friends – friends of the Oscher Hall who provide £1000 of financial support and pay £100 per annum membership fee. Friends are entitled to a 10% discount on ticket prices. Premier Membership – friends of the Oscher who provide £2000 financial support and pay £100 per annum membership fee. Premier members are entitled to a 15% discount on ticket prices.

Landing Page

When the page loads all of the required events will be attached to the appropriate objects.Seats already previously selected will be returned and their images will be set to unavailable.

Authentication & Registration

Authentication (Login In) When the page loads for the first time the login form will be hidden. When the user clicks the Log In link the loginputs div will fade in with a suitable delay and will display

If authentication is successful the following will be implemented, the My tickets panel will be updated to display the users name, the loginputs div will fade out with a suitable delay of 500ms, and the anonymous links will fade out and the members links will fade in.

Image Manipulation and Seat Selection/Deselection

Image Manipulation. This was implemented as a rollover with the available and mine images.

Ticket Prices. The headline price of £35 will was recalculated to reflect any discount gained from membership status as described above.

Seat Numbers. Seat numbers, A1, A2, … G1, … G17, G18 s were added to the image tag dynamically on page load and display as tool tips when the mouse hovers over them.

Seat Selection. Implemented by dragging an available seat into the My Tickets box or by clicking on a mine image. The My Tickets panel will be updated to show (i) the seat number selected and (ii) the total cost so far. Once selected the image will no longer respond to any drag & drop or rollover operations and will be fixed as a mine image

Check it out here.

Stephen Adeoye Ojo

Stephen Adeoye Ojo

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