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A computing graduate who studied an MSc in Security and Digital Forencics at Edinburgh Napier University where i also studied for a BEng(Hons) Degree in Computing with knowledge in Software Development, Web Programming, Web Development and Information Technology Security.

I am an insightful, result-driven, highly motivated and passionate Information technology graduate, who believes that the knowledge gained from my internship and full time work experience in the commercial world will contribute in no small measure to an organisation growth. I am always working to improve my skills and knowledge of Information Security, IT Service Management, and Web Programming.

I am able to exercise analytical, technical and leadership skills in a fast paced work environment, to achieve specified goals, objectives and to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Also skilled in analysing market conditions, understanding industry trends, building strong, sustainable relationships and recommending most appropriate course of action for clients. I perform effectively under pressure and multitask without losing priority.



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